BATU (DBATU) question papers

BATU Examinations and Paper Pattern

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University is offering B-Tech as 4 year degree programme in different branches, syllabus and pattern is explained below. Generally all branches have same examination pattern and marking scheme. For first year B-Tech, syllabus and pattern is common to all branches, the subjects and syllabus for fisrt year (a.y. 2019-20) are slightly changed as compared to last year. Refer previous question papers of last year so as to understant the paper pattern, this will be same for this academic year too.


DBATU University conducts two exams for regular students in every semester, those are Mid Sem Exam and End Sem Exam. Marking evaluation for each subject is as given below, Go through the academic calendar to know about expected timetable for respective exams to be held by university.
  1. Mid Sem Exam (MSE)

  2. This exam is conducted by University in the middle of every semester and you can appear only once, there will not be any improvement if you fail in this exam. Question papers has to be set either by university or institute sometimes. Generally this exam is held in first/second week of October and March. Go through previous question paper to get an idea about paper pattern for this exam. This exam is having 20 marks in each subjects with 6 MCQs of 1 mark each, based on first 3 units of respective syllabus. If you are absent for this exam, then you can't appear this exam again. If you want to score more, then you must prepare well, this will help you in future for better SGPA.
  3. End Sem Exam (ESE)

  4. The end semester examination will cover the full syllabus of the course and will be conducted as per the University time table at the end of each semester. University conducts End Sem exams at the end of semester, commonly known as winter/summer exam, it includes both regular and backlog/supplementary exams. Go through the previous question papers to get idea about paper pattern and marking scheme for ESE.
  5. Remedial Exam

  6. The candidate will have an option of appearing for an Online Remedial Examination, after the declaration of each End-semester examination results, to pass the subject head where he/she has failed in regular end-semester examination of the semester. The candidate will get only EE grade if he clears the remedial examination and can continue with the next semester. However, for improving his grade in the same subject head, the candidate will have an option of appearing in the ‘same’ subject in the Supplementary Examination before the regular end-Semester examination.
  • Total MCQs : 40 (50 marks)
  • 1 marks MCQs : 30 (30 marks)
  • 2 marks MCQs : 10 (20 marks)
In case of remedial exam, grade after passing exam is EE and grade point is 5.0 for all subjects even you pass with maximum marks. In marksheet marks for the subjects passed in remedial will be added with multiplying by 2 and grade will EE for all subjects.
batu mid sem end sem remedial exam

Passing Criteria:

  1. The students having 40% or more marks in a subject of the end sem exam and 40% or more of the total marks of a subject shall be declared as pass in respective subject.
  2. The students having less than 40% of marks in a subject of the end sem exam and less than 40% the total marks of a subject shall be declared as fail in respective subject.
Examinations Maximum marks Minimum marks
Mid Sem Exam (MSE) 20 marks NA
CA1 + CA2 10+10 = 20 marks NA
End Sem Exam (ESE) 60 marks 20 marks
Total=ESE+MSE+CA 100 marks 40 marks
Remedial Exam 50 marks 20 marks
CA-Continuous assesment (20 marks)

ATKT (promoted):

  1. Students of 1st year will get admission to 2nd year after attending course work prescribed for 1st year with prescribed attendance and successfully cleared at least 60% of the total credits specified for 1st year program.
  2. Students of 2nd year will get admission to 3rd year after attending course work prescribed for 2nd year with prescribed attendance, and successfully cleared 1st year program and at least 60% of total credits prescribed for 2nd year program.
  3. Students of 3rd year will get admission to final year after attending course work prescribed for 3rd year with prescribed attendance, and should have completed 2nd year program and 60% of total credits prescribed for 3rd year program.
  4. All such the students fulfilling the above criteria shall be declared as FAILED, ATKT or PASSED.

To see detailed rules and regulations of Dr Babsaheb Ambedkar Technological University, click the link given below.