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BATU MCQs for Remedial Exam

Remedial exam is taken by dbatu university after every semester exam for the students failing in regular sem exam. Students can attempt this exam for the failed subjects from regular sem exam only. Remedial is opportunity to clear the backlogs of preceding sem and have impact on overall results.
Set of Model MCQs for remedial exam of BATU have been uploaded to this blog. Download these model MCQs pdf to prepare well for the remedial exam, it is general observation that MCQs of remedial exam are similar to the MCQs provided in textbooks.
Following are the model MCQs for the first year remedial exam:
Questions asked in previous remedial exam were similar to the MCQs provided in books of Techmax publication. Read the paper pattern and passing rule of dbatu university for remedial exam.
Batu remedial mcq
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