Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University

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Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Raigad

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (BATU) is state university located in Lonere, Raigad district, Maharashtra, India. It is established by Government of Maharashtra in 1989 under the Government of Maharashtra Act 1983. The University is set to become the center of all the engineering and technological Institutes in Maharashtra with more than 80 colleges affiliated in 2017-18. DBATU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in core engineering disciplines. It offers four-year UG programs, Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) degree. It also offers two-year PG programs, Master of Technology (M. Tech) degree in the disciplines of chemical, structural, electrical (EPS), computer, electronics and telecommunication, environmental, manufacturing and production engineering.

Goal of the Engineering at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar technological University, Lonere (BATU) is to provide students with preparation to become worthy of professional careers in the field and to be motivated for lifelong learning. All prescribed courses have definite objectives and outcomes. Program objectives are expected qualities of engineers as under:
a) Preparation: To prepare students to excel in various educational programmes or to succeed in industry / technical profession through further education/training;
b) Core Competence: To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific fundamentals required to solve Structural problems;
c) Breadth: To train students with a breadth of scientific knowledge to comprehend, analyze, design & create novel products and solutions for real life problems;
d) Professionalism: To inculcate in students professional/ethical attitude, effective team work skills, multidisciplinary approach and to relate engineering issues to a broader context;
e) Learning Environment: To provide students with academic environment of excellence, leadership, ethical guidelines and life-long learning needed for a long / productive career.

In addition to above DBATU graduate is expected to be
1. Taking pride in their profession and have commitment to highest standards of ethical practices and related technical disciplines;
2. Able to design structural system that is safe, economical and efficient;
3. Capable of using modern tools efficiently in all aspects of professional practices;
4. Dealing successfully with real life civil engineering problems and achieve practical solutions based on a sound science and engineering knowledge;
5. Shall be engage in continuous research, development and exchange of knowledge for professional development;
6. Be honest in their control and performing their duties and promote effective use of resources through open, honest and impartial services to the public;
7. Act in such a manner which will uphold the honour, integrity, or dignity of the engineering profession, and avoid knowingly engaging in business or professional practices of a fraudulent, dishonest or unethical nature;
8. Recognize that the lives, safety, health and welfare of the general public are dependent upon engineering, decision and practices;
9. Continue their professional development throughout their careers and provide opportunities for the professional development.

I welcome all the students who have taken admission to Colleges affiliated to DBATU. As being part of DBATU University, we must know about our university and information about our stream such as syllabus details, dbatu pattern of examination, Passing rules and many other rules and regulations. To read the article explaing all details about university in brief DBATU examination pattern.
The reasons you should know before you give exams any exams, Exams give you something to strive for, Exams test your understanding of particular subject, Help you learn by revision, Stimulate your brain, Teach time management, Exams and tests are best way to know about yourself and your ability. Exams Teach stress management, Teach you to express thoughts coherently and give you the chance to shine. Always keep trying to manage time and stress.
Exams never cause frustration! It' just a myth in our surrounding. In fact, we make exams to be reason of frustration by wasting our time before. Believe in yourself, be aware of time, take advise from good seniors and be prepared for exams. One of important things for new engineering students, do not listen to the seniors who tell that they passed exams by studying just one night before, it's belief in most of Engineers and the main reason for your depression in the season of exams. In fact, most of them fail due to over-confidence and illogical belief and this is the truth I have been watching till.
As you going to be an Engineer, you should love you what you are doing.
"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

Following are the links to download First Year B-Tech question papers conducted by DBATU recently. For SE, TE and Final year I'm trying to collect the stuff and upload it earlier as possible.
One of the simplest ways to prepare for the exams is to manage your study according to a well managed time table and time to every subject. During the preparation of any exams it is always good to go through the previous question papers and have a discussion with seniors to know their experience in last exam, this will help you to know how to study.
It is a general observation that examiners (examination committee members) make minor changes in their way of asking questions ever semester. It is a good for practicing and to compare the questions of the examiners because it will give a better idea about what the examiner is looking for in the next exam.

You can log on to this website to download the study materials such as previous question papers of DBATU, lecture notes, practicals and lab manuals in PDF format. If you are interested and curious about new innovations and technology, future trends of Engineering Technology, then you can read articles related to new arising  technologies in engineering world for knowledge and awareness about the innovations.

I hope this article is helpful to you to know about our university, I am trying my best to keep you updated about DBATU exams, new patterns and notices, follow on social to get updates.
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